Customer Focused Shops

We can make the very best violins in the world but if we do not select the right shops to work with, customers will not have the experience they deserve. For the America’s, we have selected Gatchell Violins to represent us. The owner of this fine distribution company is Mr. Allen Gatchell. We have known him for many years and are very happy to say he has agreed to distribute our products throughout his dealer network in the US as well as North and South America. Mr. Gatchell is a violin maker himself and has a professional company staffed with luthiers and customer focused support people.

Gatchell Violins has been serving the needs of violin shops for over 15 years. The company sells exclusively to violin shops and music stores. For the violins we make, Gatchell Violins has selected a few fine shops. Each one has agreed to: stock our instruments, offer no risk and free in-home trials, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their customers. All are ready to assist you in your journey to find your perfect violin. Please click on one or more of the images below to learn more about our partners in the Americas. Thank you!

If you are a violin shop and would like to offer our master violins to your customers, please click on the Gatchell Violins logo below to be taken to their dealer applcaition page or call 866.614.7547 or 321.733.1499 for immediate assistance.